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Beta 2

₱7,350.00 PHP

The Beta is our most utilized Midback chair for companies throughout the Philippines. Combining features of the Kappa, O2, and Spectrum, Beta maintains our best upholstered quality in the molded seat cushion for optimal comfort and durability, and upgradable options include padded adjustable armrests, aluminum base, and an cushioned adjustable lumbar support. The Beta 2 is the preferred choice midback chair of Ergo with a long listed history of satisfied clients.

- Nylon/Polyester Blend Mesh for Backing (different color choices)
- Contoured Backing for Optimized Posture
- Single-Point Recline
- Tilt Lock for Upright Position
- Tension Control for Recline Resistance
- Adjustable Seat Height
- Upholstered Molded Seat Cushion
- Fixed T-Armrests (upgradable)
- Optional Upgrade: Cushioned Adjustable Lumbar Support
- Optional Upgrade: Aluminum Base
- Optional Upgrade: Padded Height Adjustable Armrests
- 100kg (220lbs) weight capacity

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