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₱28,000.00 PHP ₱34,000.00 PHP

The ErgoFlex is ErgoHome's premium model that fully maximizes Ergonomic Functionality. The seat, removable headrest, armrests, and backing are fully adjustable to adapt to your working conditions throughout the day. The adjustable backing has a dedicated segment for lower back/lumbar support, and the Flex-Strength Mesh on the backing, headrest, and seat provide heavy-duty support while offering flexibility and ventilation.

- Flex-Strength Mesh for Adaptable Heavy Duty Support and Ventilation
- Height Adjustable Backing
- Segmented Lumbar Support (Height Adjustable w/ Backing)
- Reclinable with Tilt Lock for 5 Angles
- 4D Adjustable Armrests (forward/back, up/down, lateral left/right, semi-rotation)
- Removable Headrest w/ 3D Adjustment (Depth, Height, and Tilt Angle)
- Height Adjustable Seat
- Adjustable Tilt Angle for Seat
- Seat Slider for Depth Adjustment
- Aluminum Base
- 150kg (330lbs) Weight Capacity

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