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₱8,500.00 PHP ₱11,800.00 PHP

The Flow modern design features our Flex-Strength Mesh that is contoured from the backing to the seat. The mesh hugs your body as you sit, providing adaptive and durable support that shapes to you. Its easy-mech controls allow for simplicity and further adds to the minimalist aesthetic of the design. The Flow is ErgoÕs best designed chair to balance style, comfort, and function.

- Breathable Flex-Strength Mesh - designed from backing to seat
- Contoured Backing Shaped to Support Lumbar Spine
- Waterfall Seat Design for Improved Blood Circulation
- Single-Point Recline
- Height Adjustable Seat
- Easy-Mech Adjustment
- Tilt-Lock for Upright Position
- Tension Control for Recline Resistance
- 100kg (220lbs) Weight Capacity
- Upgradable Option: Aluminum Base

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