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O2 Series

₱5,300.00 PHP ₱8,630.00 PHP

The O2 Series approaches lower back relief in a unique fashion, using a wing-designed lumbar support to reinforce the fiber mesh backing that is shaped with the frame of the chair. The result is a backrest that gives the support of a fixed lumbar support, while adding a softer cushioning with flexibility. The O2 series maximizes the value provided for a single-point recline chair with fixed armrests.

- Winged-Design Lumbar Support for Stress Relief on Lower Back
- Durable Fiber Mesh Backing for Strength and Ventilation
- Single-Point Recline
- Height Adjustable Seat
- Fixed Armrests
- Tilt/Recline Lock for Upright Position
- Optional Upgrade: Adjustable Headrest (Raise Up/Down)
- Optional Upgrade: Aluminum Base
- 100-115kg (220-250lbs) Weight Capacity

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