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₱4,300.00 PHP ₱6,130.00 PHP

Spectrum is our introductory model for the ErgoHome collection, meeting the fundamental requirements for a supportive desk chair. The pin-stripe mesh is a blend of our fiber and nylon mesh to provide more range of motion while still maintaining durability. The fixed lumbar support prevents the mesh from stretching beyond the acceptable limit to fight lower back pain. The Spectrum is a great option to begin a new ergonomic lifestyle for long-term health benefits.

- Contoured Backing Shaped to Support Lumbar Spine
- Ventilated Pinstripe Mesh for Balanced Strength and Flexibility
- Fixed Lumbar Support
- Fixed Armrests
- Waterfall Seat Design for Improved Circulation
- Single-Point Recline
- Height Adjustable Seat
- Tilt/Recline Lock for Upright Position
- Upgradable Option: Aluminum Base

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